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Quickly rising pharmacy benefit costs are one of the biggest contributors to higher health care costs. In fact, drug benefit costs are increasing 15-20% per year and account for 10-12% of total health care expenditures. Clearly, keeping drug benefits costs down can go a long way toward improving your overall health benefit costs. However, drug benefits are popular, highly utilized benefits; simply slashing or eliminating them isn't the right answer.
Corporate Coverage has the solution: ZywaveRX.


ZywaveRX was formed by leveraging the buying power of a nationwide network of employee benefits brokers — of which Corporate Coverage is a member — that collectively represents over 1.3 million self-funded lives. ZywaveRX lets you compare your current pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) to two leading national PBMs, Express Scripts and Systemed. With ZywaveRX, Corporate Coverage can provide you access to exclusive, extremely favorable terms for your pharmacy benefits.

The highlights of the ZywaveRX program include the following:

  • Zero dollar administrative fees
  • Low dispensing fees
  • Deep pharmacy discounts
  • Aggressive rebates

Using ZywaveRX’s exclusive online savings calculators, Corporate Coverage can compare your current PBM, Express Scripts, and Systemed to determine the most cost-effective program for you.

ZywaveRX lets us meet several critical objectives for your pharmacy benefits program:

We don’t limit your choice to one PBM. With ZywaveRX, you can choose between two of the nation ’s leading firms.

Express Scripts and Systemed know that we are presenting more than one option to our clients. We expect nothing but the highest level of service from them both in order to win your trust.

Express Scripts and Systemed are dedicated to helping our clients understand their organizations, their products, and the ZywaveRX terms.

Favorable terms
Express Scripts and Systemed can provide extremely favorable terms for our clients. You will be able to retain a cost-effective pharmacy benefits program for your employees for years to come.

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