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The need to protect one’s family or business in the event of an untimely death is an essential cornerstone of any insurance portfolio. Whether it is protecting business interests through Key-Man and Buy-Sell life insurance or personal life insurance for individuals, Corporate Coverage can find a policy that fits your needs. Through our access to over 50 different insurance companies, we work to secure the plan that fits the unique needs of our clients. Our consultative objective approach allows our clients to maximize their insurance dollars with either low cost term life or high performance permanent life insurance. Contact us so we can analyze your situation and provide you with the most competitive option.


The loss of income due to illness or injury is ranked by many financial planners as the most important insurance product to own. While most people are covered through their employer for some level of disability, many do not realize that their group coverage is limited and often taxed by the Federal and State government. This situation often creates a need to supplement the group coverage with individual disability insurance.

At Corporate Coverage, we represent all the major carriers that will insure those with no current coverage, those looking to supplement their group plans as well as our self employed clients. The disability insurance marketplace is a maze of pricing, underwriting and contract issues. Corporate Coverage will help you sort through these features and help you select the best plan that will solve your disability income needs.


The protection of one’s estate against nursing home and home health care expenses is also an encouraged recommendation of financial planning experts. These expenses can be as much as $100,000 per year and would put a sizeable dent in most estates.

As the population ages and health care technology extends life expectancy, the cost of nursing home and home health care are sure to rise significantly. At Corporate Coverage, we can help you sift through the choices for Long Term Care Insurance. Our independent consultative approach assures that you will get the information that you need to make an informed decision. Contact us for a no obligation quote from several of the companies we represent.

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